Minggu, 20 Maret 2011

Funny Wallpaper

Funny Wallpaper. Nothing could be more rewarding and relaxing than the flower photos. Almost every season is suitable for the purpose of this one. If we live in a cold zone, then we can still take pictures of specimens that are in pots and kept indoors. In the south this is usually not a problem. While dealing with the heat and high humidity. One time tested approach to flower photography is to approach the subject from the viewpoint of a documentary. This involves taking pictures of all the specimens, stems, petals, stamens, leaves. It also includes images of wide angle, zoom and macro. Most petals usually transparent so that their photography should be approached more cautiously. Care must be given a shot in which the light source is so strong that we end up losing a lot of details that petal. Note the red flowers since these color films react more than others and the image can cause red petals appear to be translated as "washed. " The use of a diffuser is highly recommended as shooting under overcast skies. The light is softer and less harsh shadows. Reflectors are also useful because they can add light to a shaded area, especially if we are shooting in heavy brush or timber.

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